Divorce MediationCollaborative DivorceUncontested Divorce/No Court Divorce

Divorce Mediation

Divorce need not be ugly. Choose a peaceful way to regain control of your life. Many people choose mediation over the adversarial process for their divorce, custody or family law matter. A neutral Mediator can help two people voluntarily reach a divorce settlement or family law agreement together.

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Collaborative Divorce

A way to resolve disputes respectfully. Why litigate when you can collaborate

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Uncontested Divorce/No Court Divorce

Is my divorce uncontested? Need an efficient, easy and affordable way to get your divorce smoothly completed by an experienced attorney at a flat-fee rate?

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Uncontested Divorce

Over the years, Attorney Nwawka at CNY Divorce & Family Law Office has handled countless uncontested divorces throughout New York state.  In contrast to contested divorce proceedings, uncontested cases allow the parties to decide for themselves the appropriate disposition for their property and debt, and what arrangements work best for the custody, visitation, and support of their children. Uncontested cases can be disposed of quickly and at a flat-fee rate that is much more affordable than long, drawn-out contested divorces.

Providing legal services technologically allows me to communicate quickly with clients and help individuals in farther away locations that would have previously made representation much more burdensome. Attorney Nwawka at CNY Divorce & Family Law Office has successfully worked with uncontested divorce clients from all over United States and beyond .No matter where the client is from, so long as the spouse lives in New York state, Attorney Nwawka takes great pride in facilitating an uncontested divorce as easily and quickly as possible without ever a need for a face to face meeting with the client. At CNY Divorce & Family Law Office, taking the stress out of divorce is part of what we do by helping clients navigate the New York state uncontested divorce process.

As a first step, you need to make sure that your case is uncontested. An uncontested divorce requires the cooperation and collaboration of each spouse. If you want a divorce and your spouse wants a divorce, this does not necessarily mean your divorce is uncontested. You and your spouse must have an agreement as to how everything will be worked out in the divorce. In order for your divorce case to proceed as uncontested, you and your spouse will have discussed your divorce and reached an agreement on the division of assets, allocation of debt, spousal support, and, if children are involved, child custody & support. Each party must be ready, willing and able to sign the paperwork prepared by a lawyer, which will reflect the agreement reached between you and your spouse.

Just because a case is uncontested and your divorce is amicable, does not mean you don’t have questions about the uncontested divorce process in New York. The divorce attorney at CNY Divorce & Family Law Office will be very happy to provide answers to any questions you may have about the process, to help you determine whether an uncontested divorce is right for you and your spouse. For a more detailed information regarding exactly what is required of parties wishing to facilitate their divorce through my flat-fee uncontested divorce service, please call or email at your convenience.